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Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax removal is available by micro-suction or curette. Micro-suction vacuum is a less invasive and less messy option to irritation or syringing.

Diagnostic hearing assessments

For ages 3+ to adults. Medicare rebates are available with a valid Doctors referral.
A diagnostic assessment is more comprehensive than a standard screening of hearing. It involves a full case history so we have a better understanding of your hearing concerns and ear symptoms, a full Pure Tone Assessment with air and bone conduction, speech audiology, impedance testing with tympanometry and acoustic reflexes. A comprehensive report will be forwarded to your GP or ENT.

Hearing Aid recommendation

For many clients with a hearing loss a hearing aid is a good rehabilitation option. If this is required, we will provide an honest, unbiased and ethical recommendation based on your hearing loss, communication goals, hearing needs and your budget. Being an Independent hearing care provider, we are not tied to one manufacturer and do not have high sales targets, the goal is not to “sell” you a hearing aid, but to improve your hearing health concerns.

When selecting a hearing aid there are many styles, sizes, brands, features and technology levels available. At Hearing Help we take great pride in ensuring you fully understand your options including the benefits and limitations of different options.

Hearing Services Program

Hearing Help is an accredited provider for the Hearing Services Program (HSP). Therefore we can deliver fully subsidized annual hearing assessments, hearing aid fitting and aftercare for eligible pensioners and DVA clients.

Ear Plugs

Hearing Help can provide various options for swim plugs, noise reduction/workplace plugs or musicians earplugs. The most appropriate option may be a custom-made plug, made from an impression of an individual’s ear or be a ready-made over-the counter option.

Auditory Processing Assessment

An Auditory Processing disorder occurs when the part of the brain responsible for interpreting and understanding auditory information has not developed at the expected age level. This can greatly impact school age children and teens in an educational setting because so much vital information is delivered verbally. Those who struggle with auditory processing delay/disorder report they mishear information, they may miss, forget or are slower to follow instructions. They struggle to complete work in school environments (especially if busier or nosier such as group work) and may tune out in the classroom.

An auditory processing assessment provides very useful information to parents, students, teachers, medical professionals and other allied health professionals, to better understand if/how this impacts the student and how to better prepare them or cater to their needs in the classroom. The assessment starts with a comprehensive hearing test (to ensure there is no hearing loss) – a Medicare rebate is available for the hearing assessment with a valid Drs referral. Following this a 90 minute assessment of auditory processing occurs, and a comprehensive report is provided.

Tinnitus Assessment and treatment

For those individuals who are suffering from tinnitus, a hearing test is highly recommended. This is especially true if your tinnitus is only in one ear, pulsative (like a thumping), or started suddenly. In some cases further medical review may be required and a hearing test provides vital information to other professionals (such as General Practitioners or Ear, Nose and Throat specialists) to better understand your tinnitus and hearing.

Some sufferers especially those with more severe tinnitus benefit from a comprehensive assessment. Hearing Help offers a 90-minute tinnitus assessment starting with a full tinnitus history taken by an experienced Audiologist. Following a standard hearing test, aspects of your tinnitus will be measured such as the pitch and loudness match, masking levels, and loudness discomfort levels. Finally, you can expect a comprehensive discussion regarding your tinnitus, an explanation of the neurophysiological model of tinnitus, exacerbating factors and possible treatment options.

Clinically proven tinnitus treatments are available, treatments are not a “cure” but for many sufferers an Audiologist can reduce the impact and disturbance of tinnitus. The first step is a comprehensive assessment and discussion regarding tinnitus. Many sufferers feel more in control of their tinnitus, that they can manage it better with improved awareness and understanding.

Workplace hearing assessments

Including Civil Aviation (CASA) Pilot hearing assessments, workplace and pre-employment hearing tests. WorkCover QLD GEPI qualified.


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