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At Newport Physio and Health we have an experienced physiotherapy team consistent of both male and female physiotherapists to take care of your pain, injury and health needs.

All physios at Newport Physio and Health undergo regular training with the very experienced physio team at the long established sister clinic Scarborough Physio and Health to ensure we bring you the highest quality of service.

Our physios can treat all types of pain and injury, including but not limited to:

  • Pain or injury in any region of the body – the most common being back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain
  • Traumatic injuries – work injuries, sports injuries and motor vehicle accident injuries
  • NDIS – we are able to assist with plan and self managed NDIS clients. Please contact us to speak to our team about your condition and your needs and we will determine if we are suited to assist you
  • All Women’s Health needs – Jess Forbes is an experienced pelvic health physio and can help you with the entire spectrum of pelvic health needs
  • Sporting injuries – whether for your kids or yourself doing weekend warrior type activities, our physios have you covered. They won’t tell you to stop your sport, and they will get you back out there and active as quickly as your injury allows

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Clinical Psychology

A Clinical Psychologist who is friendly and caring, and who won’t keep you waiting! MORE INFO


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Get an accurate diagnosis

Your friendly and caring Physio will start with a few questions about the main problem you are seeing us for, including a brief history of the problem, some questions about your lifestyle and daily activities, and some questions about your general health.

The Physio will want to understand your main reason for seeking treatment and any goals you may have.

To better understand your problem the Physio will then run through some simple tests to help diagnose your problem. These tests are generally painfree.

Fix your pain fast with effective treatment and exercises

When the Physio finds out what is causing your pain they will begin your treatment. Treatment may consist of massage, trigger point therapy to get knots out of tight muscles, joint mobilisation which gets a stiff joint to move better, stretches, and strengthening exercises.

At Newport Physio and Health our therapists also have the unique skill of being able to treat the nervous system with simple nerve stretches to reduce your pain, after all most pain originates in the nervous system. This particular type of therapy works well for patients who suffering conditions such as sciatica or headaches.

The Physio will then give you some simple exercises and advice as to how to look after your problem after the consultations.

Finally the Physio will speak to you about a treatment plan to help you to not only get out of pain but to help you get active again and get back to living the life you deserve. Your treatment plan may also include gym exercise, hydrotherapy, massage, prescription of custom orthotics, or a referral to a GP or Specialist for other tests to help diagnose your problem.

You can see that this process is quite involved, and through this thorough assessment your Physio will get to know you, your problem, how to fix your problem, and how your lifestyle affects your problem.

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We genuinely care about your goals in life and we want to help you get back to living a great life as soon as possible.

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