We asked Jess some questions to get to know her better. Read on below…..

Why did you choose to become a Physiotherapist?

As a child, if anyone had the slightest “boo boo” I would whip out the first aide kit and bandage, massage and fuss over them. I love working with people and helping them live their happiest and healthiest life. I absolutely adore babies and pregnancy and love helping women through such a momentous time. Physio allows me the chance to build wonderful relationships with people throughout their life stages.

What do you love about working at Newport Physio and Health?

Hands down, it’s the people. We have the absolute best team and loveliest clients. The Newport community is just so lovely and the location doesn’t hurt at all. Having such wonderful businesses within a few steps is a great bonus.

Tell us about a couple of your hobbies?

I love spending time with my husband and 3 children, they keep me very busy with park trips, adventures and sport. I absolutely love to read! I always have at least one book on the go at all times, sometimes 3! I’m a traditionalist at heart and love a physical book but with the number of books I consume; I would have filled my house 10 times over by now. Kindle Unlimited and Audible subscriptions help me fulfill my book addiction and maintain some order in my life. Sewing is my creative outlet and I really enjoy creating something beautiful from nothing. I love sewing cute outfits and costumes for my kids.

What is a funny story that not many people would know about you?

On our honeymoon, my husband and I were running dreadfully late for our flight from France to Germany. So late in fact, that I didn’t have time for a toilet stop (we had driven several hours) and by the time we arrived at the terminal after getting lost trying to return our rental car at Charles de Gaulle airport, I was in a right state and must have looked very suspicious. As I was shuffling to the toilet, tears streaming down my face, a fully kitted out military man (including rifle & beret) followed me into the toilet. He turned tail pretty quick when the flood gates opened! I’ve never felt such sweet relief!