We asked Mary some questions to get to know her better. Read on below…..

Why did you choose to become a Psychologist?

I didn’t start out thinking I would become a Psychologist. I actually had no idea what they did. At school my focus was on the Sciences and Math. I started doing a Bachelor of Medical Science but within my first year I knew this was not for me.  I wanted a career that was meaningful and where I could work directly with people.  I wanted to be a part of a health profession where you can improve people’s lives. I have always been interested in the behaviour of people and interested in their wellbeing. That is why I changed to Psychology.  I am so grateful that I made that decision.

What do you love about working at Newport Physio and Health?

I love the clients I see. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to see clients from age 12 to people in their 90’s.  To be able to be a part of people’s lives and watching them recover and grow.  How lucky is that! I have never worked with such a dedicated, passionate and hardworking team like we have here. The multidisciplinary team really work together to get the best outcomes for our clients. Also, the location is beautiful and close to home.  The other businesses here are great from getting your health sorted, beauty needs catered to and having delicious food at one of the restaurants. You cannot go wrong in this place.

Tell us about a couple of your hobbies?

I love spending time with my family. My 2 kids, partner and his kids keep me busy. If I’m not in the backyard playing soccer or basketball with my son, I would be playing dolls and drawing with my daughter. I also love cooking (and eating). Reading has always been a passion of mine and wish I had more time to do that. Binge watching series (or movies) is another thing I love to just chill out.

What is a funny story that not many people would know about you?

I am going to have to stick to the hair one. I was bald until I was about aged 3. I had no hair. Mum has told me she would dress me up in a pink dress and strangers would still come up to her and ask her ‘What is this little fellas name’? To this day, my hair is the slowest growing hair of anyone I have ever known.