So what actually is the Your Health Gift Card and how can it be of benefit to you?

When you attend as a new patient at Newport Physio and Health, after your first appointment our friendly admin team member Simone will be giving this card to you.

On the card she writes your name, and when you give the card to a loved one who needs physio they bring it in when they book and give it to us, and they receive $20 off their first consultation for physiotherapy.

But it doesn’t quite stop there.

When we take their card we record that it came from you, and when you come in for your next consultation, you receive $20 off that consultation too!

So everybody wins.

Because we are a brand new business, and Newport’s first and only physio clinic, we wanted to do something like this to build some goodwill in the community, and also to thank our foundation clients as our business grows.

We look forward to giving out plenty of Your Health Gift Cards, and also receiving plenty back!

Thankyou for your support.

Nick and the team

Newport Physio and Health