We asked Jotham some questions to get to know him better. Read on below…..

Why did you choose to become a Clinical Psychologist?

I became a Psychologist because I love helping people and I’ve always been very interested in mental health and how the mind works. Knowing that I’ve made a positive difference in someone’s life is very rewarding and I love that I get to do a job that I enjoy.

What do you love about working at Newport Physio and Health?

The team at Newport Physio and Health is world-class and everyone works together really well which makes this a wonderful working environment. I also feel very valued at Newport Physio and Health, both as a team member and as a Psychologist.

Tell us about a couple of your hobbies?

 My primary hobby is precision rifle shooting and I compete at all levels from local to international. I also enjoy various forms of shooting such as pistol IPSC and shotgun clay trap shooting. Apart from that I have an interest in cars, motorcycles and motorsports and occasionally I like to take my car to local race tracks for track days. Additionally I enjoy working on and building computers and I like being the In-house IT person when computer problems arise at work. I love animals and find enjoyment in catching and relocating snakes.

What is a funny story that not many people would know about you?

Back when I had my interview to get into the Master of Clinical Psychology program, I managed to walk into the side of the door on my way out and went headfirst into the door. I wore formal shoes with slightly pointy toes which managed to catch the door as I was opening it to leave the interview. My momentum carried me face-first into the side of the door. The whole building shook and I was mortified. The interviewers somehow managed not to laugh and I couldn’t get to the elevator quickly enough to leave the building. In the elevator mirror I noticed a huge giant red mark and bruise on my forehead where I had face-planted into the door. I was convinced that my clumsiness had just cost me the opportunity to get into the master’s program. Miraculously it didn’t and I was back at the University to start my Masters a few weeks later. The shoes responsible for the mishap were banished to the wardrobe and I’ve only worn them once since (this year, almost 5 years after the incident).