It is with absolute pleasure that I would like to welcome you to my new project, Newport Physio and Health, within the Newport Marketplace shopping precinct.

This project has been 2 years in the making. A couple of years ago we started to run short of space at our main clinic, Scarborough Physio and Health. But being deep in COVID we had some concerns about how the future was going to play out. I suppose if I am honest with myself, I still do.

But it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Located 3 kilometres from the main clinic, I was instantly taken by the design – after all, how many beautiful shopping centres are build adjoining a lake?

The design, and the prestige elements of the centre drew me in. And other tenants like a large medical centre operated by a well known medical centre operator, dentist, podiatrist, pharmacy, a precinct including beauty, hair, pilates and a boxing gym, and of course a brilliant IGA (check it out – it is fancy as!).