Jess Forbes - Women's Health Physio

Incontinence is any unexpected or involuntary urine or faecal loss. It’s far more common than many people realise. Whilst it is common, it definitely isn’t normal. Many people down play it, thinking its just “normal” to have a bit of “light bladder leakage” with a big belly laugh or cough, or are too embarrassed to talk about it to health professionals and get the help they need.

There are many different causes and types of incontinence. A thorough Physiotherapy assessment and targeted treatment by a Women’s & Pelvic Health Physiotherapist has been found to be highly effective at treating these conditions.

Many people have heard of their Pelvic Floor Muscles being involved with incontinence, and will often try to go it alone with minimal or no success, not realising that there any so many other structures or habits that may be involved. Correctly identifying what Type of incontinence you have, the Structures involved and the Reason you have incontinence is key to developing an effective treatment plan.

As with anything, the earlier you address an issue, the easier it is to manage. Early diagnosis and early intervention is our motto. Urinary incontinence does not usually resolve if left untreated and in many cases, it will gradually worsen over time. So we highly encourage you to show your pelvic floor and bladder or bowel some love sooner rather than later!

We know that many people find it daunting to talk about their incontinence, but please be rest assured that you are in professional and compassionate hands who treat incontinence on a daily basis.

We look forward to teaching you about your own body and helping you to get you back in control.

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