Gena is a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, working Wednesdays and Fridays at Newport Physio and Health.

Tell me about your childhood and early life

I grew up in Invercargill- It’s a small city at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand. I’ve always enjoyed being active, keeping fit and sport was life throughout my school years. I followed in the footsteps of my two older sisters from gymnastics as a young girl to netball, volleyball and representative tennis throughout high school. Holidays were spent in Central Otago, swimming and floating down rivers, playing tennis and eating tonnes of cherries. My family still live in NZ so we try to get over each year and love having family visitors.

What made you want to be a physio?

I was drawn to it- and nothing else seemed to fit for my interest in sport and health. My sister studied Physio too and I liked the sound of what she did and learning about how the body works and moves. I wanted to be the Physio for the All Blacks ????

Tell me about working at a physio clinic while you studied

While I studied, I was a trainer for Ahlambra Rugby Club in Dunedin. This was my first taste experience at what a team sports physio was like. I can still remember the bitterly cold sidelines, sometimes in snow, taping ankles with frozen fingers, the huge, hairy calf muscles of the players, the smell of deep heat from the changing rooms, and of course the club nights!

What have been the best parts of your physio career to date?

Sports Physio has given me the opportunity to travel. I love exploring the different places it has taken me over the world and throughout Australia including Halifax Canada, Miami Florida, Dubai, Alice Springs and Tasmania to name a few highlights! I’m so grateful to all the physio’s, colleagues and people I’ve met and learnt from along the way who have shaped me into the physio I am today. And don’t forget the patients, I love learning something new from every patient and its so rewarding to watch someone achieve their goals and improve their health.

What made you apply for the role at Newport Physio and Health?

I liked the mission of the business- “Making Redcliffe the healthiest and best place to live”. Redcliffe used to be known as a place to go for good health and I will do my part in the community to help this happen again!

What do you like about the Redcliffe Peninsula?

Having just moved from apartment life in central city Brisbane I am loving the community feel and laid back beachy lifestyle. The waterfront is a great place to walk with a new baby and Margate Beach the perfect place to learn to paddle board. Redcliffe also have an exciting NRL team to support, The Dolphins!

What is something quirky that not a lot of people know about you?

I am slowly losing my NZ accent but I still roll my ‘R’s- it’s a Southland thing.

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